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‘We’ve found a record’: Bali Health Agency locates hotel where infected Chinese tourist stayed

‘we’ve Found A Record’: Bali Health Agency Locates Hotel Where Infected Chinese Tourist Stayed 5e4a5ad218074.jpeg

The Bali Health Agency has managed to identify a hotel where a Chinese tourist who allegedly tested positive for the novel coronavirus had stayed during his vacation in Bali.

“We have checked the data from the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office, and found out that we have a record of the tourist who came to Indonesia through I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport on Jan. 22,” Bali Health Agency head Ketut Suarjaya said in a written statement received by The Jakarta Post on Friday. However, he did not disclose the exact name or location of the hotel.

Judging from the virus’ incubation period as well as the tourist’s travel duration, it is difficult to determine if the tourist was infected in Bali, he added.

“Since the tourist returned to their hometown on Jan 28 and the first symptoms of the disease appeared on Feb 5, it is very likely the infection occurred on mainland China,” Ketut said.

He also explained that if the 14-day incubation period was taken into account, there was a possibility the tourist did not contract the virus in Bali as there was an eight-day gap between their flight from Indonesia to Wuhan and the day when the symptoms started to appear.

The Health Ministry had received 77 samples from 16 provinces across the country as of Thursday. So far, 71 coronavirus samples have tested negative, while the remaining six are still being examined.

“Bali is safe from the coronavirus and we are always ready to welcome visitors,” Ketut said.

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