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Man, 55, jailed for molesting woman on MRT train with his exposed genitals

SINGAPORE – It was the peak-hour travel time on a Monday and the MRT train was likely crowded, but it did not stop Mohamad Rasid Mohamad Sani from molesting a woman with his exposed genitals. The technical support officer stood close to a 31-year-old woman, pulled his underwear down and exposed himself through the zipper […]

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Man, 22, scratches BMW in China showroom to make dad buy it for him

With a new driving licence in hand, a young man in China tried to score himself a new ride but ended up in the police station instead. The 22-year-old was browsing in a BMW showroom in Jiangxi on Nov 25 when the thought, “scratchers, keepers”, must have struck him. He called his dad after a dark blue […]