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Man, 22, scratches BMW in China showroom to make dad buy it for him

Man, 22, Scratches Bmw In China Showroom To Make Dad Buy It For Him 5e056424749a7.jpeg

With a new driving licence in hand, a young man in China tried to score himself a new ride but ended up in the police station instead.

The 22-year-old was browsing in a BMW showroom in Jiangxi on Nov 25 when the thought, “scratchers, keepers”, must have struck him.

He called his dad after a dark blue sedan caught his eye and he wanted to buy it on the spot.

However, the young man became agitated during the phone call, a witness told Chinese media.

After the call ended, he scraped the car’s rear passenger door with a key he was holding, CCTV footage showed.

When the police arrived, the perpetrator appeared to be nonchalant about damaging the vehicle, the witness said.

According to a police officer, the man claimed that his dad had yet to deliver his promise of buying him a car after he passed his driving test.

He then scratched the BMW sedan in an attempt to force his family to make the purchase.

The police detained the man who later admitted to damaging private property.

After viewing the video clip, numerous Weibo users were enraged by his wilful behaviour and called him a “big baby”.

One wrote: “He’s already 22 and still acting like a child? His parents are at fault for spoiling him. As a grown-up, he should work on buying the car himself.”

Another said that he would become a troublemaker when he takes to the roads in the future.

For all his trouble, it remains unknown if his dad eventually paid for the car.