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‘It’s not because we hate you’: Letter accompanies baby girl found abandoned in Indonesia

‘it’s Not Because We Hate You’: Letter Accompanies Baby Girl Found Abandoned In Indonesia 5de679bc6e741.jpeg

A baby girl was found inside a cardboard box beside Jl. Bambu Kuning Selatan in Rawalumbu, Bekasi, West Java on Thursday morning along with a letter from her mother explaining the reason behind the abandonment.

An 18-year-old, only identified as LA, found the baby, who was alive and healthy, at 5:30 a.m. on the side of the road.

Bekasi Police spokesperson Comr. Erna Ruswing Andari said the baby was estimated to be 3 weeks old.

“The baby is healthy. At the moment we’re coordinating with local authorities and the Social Affairs Agency to handle this case,” Erna said on Thursday as reported by kompas.com.

She explained that after the baby was taken to the East Bekasi Police station after she was discovered.

Then she was taken to the Chasbullah Abdulmadjid General Hospital in Bekasi to be examined and receive any necessary treatment.

“She was found on the side of the road in a cardboard box along with several pieces of baby clothing, blankets and a letter from her mom,” Erna said.

The letter reads:

For my beloved daughter,

November 7, 2019

You were born into the world as a very pretty little girl. We love you, honey.

We’re sorry we had to put you in an orphanage. It’s not because we don’t love you or we hate you. We had to do this due to our difficult and complicated situation.

Grace, my daughter, please grow into a good person. I believe you will grow into a good girl. You have to be a nice, smart and strong woman, who brings benefits everywhere you go.

We will always pray for the best for you.

We love you.

For the caregiver in the orphanage: Please take good care of my daughter. Because of my difficult situation I had to put my daughter here.

Baby abandoned at Malaysian villager's doorstep, with poignant note

I’m sorry if I did it in such a rude way. Please take care of her and protect her. I love her very much. I just want her to have a better life than me.

Her name is Grace.

Meanwhile, the head of elderly and children rehabilitation of the Bekasi Social Affairs agency, Martoyo, said the agency plans to put the baby up for adoption.

“After the baby is discharged from the hospital, we’ll open an adoption programme for the baby. However, people who wish to adopt the baby must meet certain criteria,” Martoyo said as quoted from kompas.com.