FairPrice’s new VivoCity outlet defines ‘Xtra’ – with a farm, reverse beer tap, and in-house dining

Fairprice’s New Vivocity Outlet Defines ‘xtra’ – With A Farm, Reverse Beer Tap, And In House Dining 5d52d543932f1.jpeg

If we were ever faced with a zombie apocalypse a la Dawn of the Dead, we’d choose to scramble to VivoCity (all the way from the east) and hole ourselves up at FairPrice Xtra’s newest, and largest, hypermart. 

Besides having almost everything one could ever think of provisions-wise, the superstore practically defines ‘Xtra’. 

The massive area, which spans 90,000 sq ft over two floors, occupies the space previously occupied by Giant, and more. 

Just like nearby Habitat by Honestbee, which is smaller at 60,000 sq ft, FairPrice’s newest outfit caters to your grocery-shopping needs, coupled with in-house dining options. 

It offers several firsts not found at other FairPrice Xtra stores and looks to be every shopper-cum-foodie’s playground.

Let us count the ways. 


PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai

Singapore’s first indoor urban farm in a supermarket is operated by local rooftop farming pioneer ComCrop, where vegetables are grown hydroponically without the use of chemicals.

The farm-to-table concept means you could be eating organic greens harvested just hours before.

Deal alert. PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai
PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai

From the display, there’s a selection of sweet basil, lettuce and Japanese cai xin, going for the promotional price of three bags for $5.90 or $2.95 per bag.

Of course, in comparison, it’s just a tad more expensive than regular (but still organic) chye sim, going at $1.95.

PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai


PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai

Enjoy your favourite brew from local coffee roaster Tiong Hoe, which carries over 20 origins of specialty beans from Africa, Asia, South America and Central America. 

Prices of the coffee are similar to what you’d pay for at cafes, at $5.40 for a latte and $7.50 for a cold brew.

Pair it with freshly-baked bread from the adjacent bakery and breakfast is made.


Fresh seafood, including crabs and oysters. PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai

Pick your lunch or dinner option right out of the tank, or choose your cut of beef and have it marinated and grilled on the spot for you. 

Feeling atas? You can even get live Canadian oysters at $2.75 each.

Live Canadian oysters at $2.75 each. PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai
Seating’s available, if you manage to snag them. PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai

Dining space is provided, but from what we observed, seating may be limited. But we must say the charging ports provided along the bar seating area are a nice touch.

UBS charging ports are available. PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai

If you can’t decide on what to eat, take your pick from a menu created by local restaurant Culina, and wash it all down with an ice-cold beer.


Archipelago craft beers are available on reverse tap. PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai

Yes, you can have your draught beer here, but not from any ordinary tap. The beer here is filled from the bottom of a special cup, resulting in a quicker pour and the perfect foam-to-beer ratio.

Although reverse tap technology isn’t new, it’s still fun to watch. 

PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai


For tots who get restless while their parents shop, there’s a small play area on Level B1, and we’re happy to report that there’s even a nursing room for mamas located right next to it.

PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai



PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai
PHOTO: AsiaOne/Candice Cai

Services catered to the hordes of tourists that descend on Sentosa include a bicycle workshop and luggage repair. Punctured a bicycle tire or bust open a zipper on your over-stuffed luggage? You know where to go.


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If you happen to fall ill while traipsing around VivoCity, now there’s no need to hunt for a doctor, with a virtual iDoc booth available on site within NTUC’s mega Unity pharmacy at B1. 


What we’re also excited about is FairPrice’s newest “scan and go” mobile app (launching in Sept) which will allow you to check out and pay with your mobile phone on the go, skipping the queues. The tech is currently implemented for FairPrice Finest customers at Funan mall. Sweet!

With all that it has to offer, VivoCity’s FairPrice Xtra may just be everyone’s favourite restaurant supermarket in time to come, without necessitating an apocalyptic event.

FairPrice Xtra at VivoCity is open from 8am to 11pm daily. 

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