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Errant eateries in Johor who reject 5 sen coins warned

Errant Eateries In Johor Who Reject 5 Sen Coins Warned 5e4aaa95ca9c5.jpeg

KULAI – Eateries in Johor are warned to accept the 5 sen as payment from customers, as it was a legal tender.

Johor unity, domestic trade and consumer affairs committee chairman Dr S. Ramakrishnan said all coins, including 5 sen (S$0.03) must be accepted by food outlet operators.

“Those who refuse to do so face action, including hefty fines, ” he said.

He urged the public to report outlets which do not accept 5 sen or other coins.

“This is strange as I do not see a problem in accepting them, ” Ramakrishnan said when commenting about a complaint from the public who had problems when he wanted to pay for his meal using coins at two factory eateries in Senai.

The complainant said the foreign workers at the eateries refused to accept 5 sen coins.

The complainant added that he was disappointed over such an attitude and hoped the authorities would take action against the eateries.

Ramakrishnan urged the complainant to come forward to help the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEK) enforcement unit solve the matter and take action against the outlets.

He advised consumers to report such cases, including any increase in prices or other related problems along with evidence for action to be taken.

The public can call 07-227 2811 or e-mail to e-aduan@kpdnhep.gov.my

On an unrelated matter, Ramakrishnan said the number of vendors who had raised prices of items during the Chinese New Year season increased by more than three folds.

Paying in coins? There are legal limits

He said during the festive season, KPDNHEK had found about 70 cases.

“About 44 of the cases involved pricing, with 26 cases for not displaying price tags, ” he said, adding that some 200 personnel were involved in carrying out the checks statewide.

Ramakrishnan noted that in 2019 there were 21 cases and 20 cases in 2018.

“The districts with the most number of such cases were Johor Baru and Muar, ” he revealed.

He said during the festive season, the controlled items were chicken and pork, egg, chilli, tomato, cabbage as well as seafood such as prawn and pomfret.

He warned that action would be taken against errant vendors.

“Supermarkets display their prices clearly in a way to attract customers,

“Vendors must do this as well and not just charge the maximum or more. Be competitive and pull in customers, ” he said.

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