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BMTC cookhouse’s Western Wednesday special sparks delicious Facebook comments

Bmtc Cookhouse’s Western Wednesday Special Sparks Delicious Facebook Comments 5e4d4d4819e48.jpeg

It is Wednesday, my dudes. And as the Singapore Armed Forces’ Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) Facebook page pointed out today (Feb 19), ’tis a day to treat yourself to some military-grade Western cuisine. 

No cuts of dry-aged steak or rack of lambs, boys and girls. Western Wednesday at BMTC is all about fried chicken, a whole lot of carbs with plain rice and mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, some ketchup, and what appears to be extremely diluted mushroom soup. 

To be fair, the piece of battered chicken thigh looks fairly appetising. But years of eating at military facility canteens might be enough to bring back unsavoury memories. 

The randomness of the Facebook page to advertise the cookhouse’s dish of the day (along with a decidedly stark top-down food shot) got over a thousand netizens reacting to the post — most of whom are former national servicemen who are very familiar with the culinary special. 

Nonetheless, it sparked a wave of nostalgia as former recruits populated the comments section with snarky remarks and ironic declarations. Good times, good times. 

PHOTO: Facebook screengrab

Oh, and remember: go scan 11b before going to canteen (if you can).

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